If You Don’t Like This Country You Can Get Out.


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While surfing the internet I am sure that many people have come across articles, comments, responses, and statements that read “If You Don’t Like This Country You Can Get Out”. Maybe followed by a “There’s the door”, or “There are plenty of other countries to live in”. Maybe you seen someone say this to someone else, or maybe someone said this to you. Personally, I think this statement is a cop out, if you are participating in any type of argument or debate. It is one of the dumbest ways to try and stop or defuse an argument, it does not really add or take away anything or does anything. Honestly, It sounds a little bit dumb or ignorant, and I don’t really insult people lightly, there is enough hatred in the world. But, yea it is a pretty uninsightful, and a quiet dumb thing to say in a debate.

Often times this statement is used when someone wants to shut people up when they are criticizing the government, expressing an opinion about the country that they disagree with, or other situations.

If your going to enter into an argument or a debate, you need to think critically and expand beyond this. Maybe instead of “If you don’t like this country you can get out”, you could present a counter argument, and explain to them what you think is wrong, Your views, your ideas, and then explain your opinions and ideas, and present a logical argument for your point of view.

Maybe you come across an article or an argument, and you do not have time to argue, but you still want to say something. Just write a comment that is short sweet and to the point, but at the same time adds something to the conversation, or come back later, or do not comment at all.

I am not saying that all people who do this are stupid, but this kind of statement is not insightful, nor does it bring anything, and it can sound kind of sheepish. We are all capable of free thought, and you should exercise it by questioning things, and not just believing what we are told to, otherwise you may end up being herded like sheep by the ones who lead you, and how do you know their not wolves unless you question or even research things and come up with your own thoughts and beliefs, and think for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with going against the government, it does not mean you hate the country, or are unpatriotic. Patriotism comes and many forms, it does not mean you have to like or agree with or even obey your government, you are free to disagree with them if you like, you can still love your country. Your have freedom of expression, use it. Even if it is taken away, never be afraid to express yourself, because while the 1st amendment grants you many rights, it grants you things you can already do. The Bill of Rights was created to protect you from foreign and domestic (for example your government) threats.¬† I am also not saying you have to dislike or disagree with your government….your free to believe why you want, just figure out why you believe what you believe. You don’t have to agree with laws and actions your government makes though, if it goes against your beliefs or you believe in different ways to do something, then you can express that. Things don’t change for the better by inaction.

To me those who fight for their beliefs, or voice their opinions, or fight for things are no different than those who ever changed anything. American Revolutionaries, French Revolutionaries. Those things occurred because people go fed up with the status quo, and gain support, and fought for something they believed in. I’m sure many people told them to “Get out of America”, or “Get out of France”, but, they did not. Why should I leave a place that I love, if I don’t agree with something? Why should I stay and fight against something? why don’t you leave? but, you can stay, your free to voice your opinions and fight for what you want to as well. Yes, one can say the same practices that brought the American and French revolution, also brought in the Nazi’s or the Communist Revolution in Russia. Somethings are bad from the get go, while other things start off good and get corrupted along the way, or things work….everything comes with its positives and negatives, you just gotta know when to fight against something, based on your beliefs……You could also blame the Nazi party rise to power on ignorance of the German people at the time, or desperation during a severly depressed economy.

At, the end of the day you believe what you believe, but there is nothing wrong with fighting for what you believe in, and trying to better the world….all people have their own beliefs, and sometimes you may want to compromise for the sake of humanity, even among like minded individuals. I am not telling you to go with the crowd, but there is no one way that work for anyone, and if we ever want hope for peace then we must find a way to work for our beliefs, and leave things open for others. We have the power in us to make this world a better place, and maybe we never will but, why not try?


World Wrestling Entertainment Authority Storyline


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I have been watching the WWE since the earliest years of my life, back when it was still called the when it was called the World Wrestling Federation, before the World Wildlife Foundation forced them to change. I have watched through the classic era, the days of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, to the Attitude Era, and Raw is War, I payed attention to the Ruthless Aggression era off and on, so I missed some things, but , I came back more solidly in the PG Era.

I got kinda mad after ECW was bought out, and WCW…. And some of the story arcs were annoying to me after that… And then I was distracted by highschool during the whole brand split….so I missed some of the newer wrestlers come along, but I did get to see some of my faves from the Attitude era finish their career or get permanently injured….

So, my thoughts on the PG Era….So , I came back to wrestling in 2005 after an off and on 4 year Hiatus… So Ruthless Aggression was ending while the PG era was taking hold. So, The PG era isn’t so bad, but I’m not going to lie I miss the hardcore edge wrestling once had , the violence , the blood, street matches, hardcore title, but the PG era is hit or miss…. There is a lot of dullness nowadays, wrestling has lost its bite… But , it still has moments that shine, fun rivalries and talent with potential… So I have stuck around.

So , right now The WWE is revisiting some a Hodge Podge of storyline which are quite familiar to me. This whole Authority storyline reminds me of the corporation storyline, along with other storylines from the Attitude era or maybe even other eras… Maybe even recycling material from 1999…. But, I don’t think the writers remember what made these ideas work…. Or they don’t know how to push them…

Right now these current ideas could be building blocks to much better events even if they recycle more stuff . What the Authority needs is a Rebel Staple, something like DX but, for a new era…and maybe CM Punk and Daniel Bryan could help build that staple. Second someone needs to feud with Triple H himself, something that forces him back in the ring. One of the things that I always liked about Vince McMahon in his younger days, was he would get in the ring with people and wrestle them. He wrestled triple h, stone cold, hulk hogan, and some other people…. And it was awesome , you had a chairman of a company getting his hands dirty, even if he cheated. Like or hate Vince which we often do, the man forged and made the WWE what it is today…

right now Stephanie and Triple H are still riding on Vince’s success, but I’m still iffy on whether or not they can run the company or if they will end up running it into the ground… I would love to see the PG era become a lil less PG… Maybe they could make Raw or Smackdown more edgy, kinda like the Raw is War days.. Bring back the Hardcore title… Maybe even have title matches on their non ppv shows…. I remember back when the WWE or Heavy Weight title would be put on the line on Raw or Smackdown.

Lastly, I wish the WWE would push their talent more. I feel like they waste a lot of what they have. Occasionally they will start doing good… But , still they fuck up at times…. It’s cool if they wanna focus on Cena or Orton….. But, their is other talent in the locker room.

The Conjuring


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This is one of the promotional movie posters for the movie the conjuring

This is one of the promotional movie posters for the movie the conjuring

The Conjuring (James Wan, 2013) Is a supernatural horror thriller. The movie follows Ed (Patrick Wilson), and Lorraine (Vera Farminga) Warren, as they come to the aid of the Perron family who is being tormented by a malicious supernatural entity that occupies the farmhouse they just moved into. Together the Warrens and the Perron family must overcome and free themselves from a vengeful spirit bent making their lives hell.

So, before I go on, I feel I must say that I am commenting on this film as a movie based on my own personal opinions. I’m not discussing the movie vs any source material, or movie vs actual event; I’ll leave that out for another discussion.

Going into this film I was pretty skeptical, I kept hearing how that this film was really scary, or that it was this generation’s Exorcist. So, after finally sitting down and watching this film I have to say the scariness of the film was over hyped in my opinion, and comparing it to the Exorcist is a stretch, while I can see it too an extent, I do not think it quite measures up. Now, on that note I am by no means saying that this is a bad movie, or that this movie is not scary. On the contrary I was quite entertained by the film, and the movie does get pretty chilling at times, nothing that kept me awake for several days but, still it had pretty frightening moments. To me the movie builds an atmosphere that becomes increasingly scary throughout the film, culminating into a fantastic climax. The film pulls you into this dark scary world, and the chills only get worse as the film goes on. I would say that the movie is much scarier than A Haunting in Connecticut, a film also based on an even the Warrens were involved with, and I believe it rivals The Amityville Horror, and surpasses the remake, Most of which were fine movies.

Visually The Conjuring was pretty sound, there were no aesthetic issues that I can pick out. The effects were pretty practical, any CG used was either kept to a minimum, the filter effect placed over the film added a nice look to the film. It look polished like the films of today but also had a slight vintage look. The film also had a dark tone that was present throught the film, even during the day the film had a dark look to it. The shots in the film seem thought out and well placed, there are no editing issues, the film as nice takes. The pacing of the film is great, the film chose a pace early and stuck with it. It had a nice slow but, not to slow pace to it. The way the movie progressed was complimented by the pacing. The setting is great the house, and land around it actually looks like it could be haunted, or like bad things could happen there.

So, Ultimately this film was pretty entertaining, it had a creepy atmosphere. One thing that made me a lil proud of this film was that, even though this is a horror film, it did not rely on jump scares, or cheap tricks like alot of other horror films. There were no, or practically no jump scares. This movie was trying to be genuinely scary without resorting to such things, and to some extent it works, because this film successfully builds a creepy atmosphere, and has some pretty out right scary  moments, I can see how it scared people. The sad thing is though this film had perfect set ups for jump scares had they timed it right, like seriously they could of given people nightmares till the end of time, maybe. But, I do admire it for avoiding it.

It is not that I hate jump scares. They are one of the oldest staples in horror so, I can’t truly hate it. It’s just they can be a little bit of a cop out, and there over done, and often times there not used properly in my opinion. I believe jump scares can be good if they are utilized right, but also your movie shouldn’t solely rely on them. There is so much more to horror, alot of horror movies aren’t scary anymore, but, I believe they can be again. Horror to me is one of the greatest staples in cinema, and it is my passion.

Overall, if you haven’t watched this film I would suggest renting it, because while it is not the scariest film ever, it certainly is worth viewing, it has its strong points.

American Pride


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I have always noticed how many Americans love to boast about their heritage; for example the most common thing I hear is Americans brag about how they come from an Irish background. It does not seem to matter if people in this nation 1st or 2nd generation Irish or 100th generation Irish, people love to talk about how they have Irish blood running in them, or other things. Now, if your first generation I get it, that was your home at one point, you actually lived there, or you are from there, you experienced Ireland, and maybe you grew up their. Which it is good to celebrate your heritage, I am not saying it is, but sometimes I feel along the way people forget where they are from. This applies to other things as well I was only using Ireland as an example.

Maybe I am missing something, but why does it seem these days most people in this country are proud to be from everywhere else but, America. Personally, I think it is sad. As much as I like being able to say I have Irish blood, and even Scottish blood running through me, I have always identified myself as an American first. Not because someone told me to, or my government expects it, but because I want to. I see nothing wrong with it, I grew up here it is what I know, I know the people here, its where my experiences have been. I have never been to Ireland, or Scotland so to me there these far off unfamiliar places, and its not like I know anyone there, or anyone knows me from there, I don’t have family from there that I know of, I may be able to trace my family back to these places, but its not like anyone from there cares. America is where my family and friends are, I know people here, I live here. North East Florida is where I grew up, and that is where home is to me.

In my opinion, you do not have to like your government, or the things it does to like where your from, you do not have to be a patriot, which there are many different forms of patriotism, not just what those in charge tell you, you can define it for yourself. You don’t have to walk around decked in red, white, and blue, waving flags around everywhere, cause a country is much more than its colors, flags, government, military, and government; It’s also its people, its customs, history, cities, workers, experiences and so forth that forge and make a country.

In recent years through 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq, NSA spying, world policing, and so on, may of hurt the way other nations view us, as well as cause people to lose faith in their government, which is understandable, they really have betrayed the trust of the people time and time again. Also, to this day Americans are still haunted by events of the past such as Watergate, Vietnam, and other things, maybe even things dating back to this country’s earliest days. But, governments come and go, all countries have there pros and cons, good times, and bad times, but, there is no reason to embarrassed about where you are from, or hate where you are from, even if you have bad experiences or are swayed by something else you should never forget where you were from. Like for instance if your German, even after Hitler it is still ok to be German, and be proud, and celebrate from being German, cause while it was a bad period in history, it did not erase all the history, and achievements, and experiences, and cultures originating from Germany, and at the same time not all Germans were Nazis, there were alot of Germans who were against Hitler….but, still even today there is no reason to be disgusted with being German…at the end of the day it was the government and not the people, hell not all people in the German military were even Nazi’s, or worked at concentration camps. But, either way there is still pride in being German, just like there is pride in being American, its not like alot of Irish or German people are celebrating being from another country or tracing their heritage…no, their happy being German or Irish, and why shouldn’t they?

It is ok to be American, there is a lot of history and honor behind it. Yes there are bad things to, but, is any nation really not guilty of something? People have fought and died for this nation like many have done in other nations, and you should fight to even if it is against a domestic entity, like a corrupt government that could use a lil cleaning house. This isn’t about obeying your government or liking them, this is about something more than that, something more important. This is about getting you to look at where your from for a change instead of some far off place over seas that your great great great ancestor came from, and this place is worth fighting for alot of others thought and still think so…If countries wanna hate us for what our government does, then so be it, its awfully shallow, and narrow minded, as alot of us don’t even agree with what the government is doing. But, I’m not gonna sit here and talk pro or anti government, as again they come and go…I mean look France and England may have been countries for a long time but, they’ve had revolutions and rebellions, and have changed governments multiple times, but, its people are still there.

If the American dream is dead, lets revive it, or make a new dream, but let be proud of who we are while we are doing it. Its ok to cherish your roots, but celebrate where your from and where you are now. Not because your told to or because your government wants your to, do it because you want to. Have pride in your own way….but, at the same time maybe pride isn’t the right world….pride indicates that you’ve done something, or achieved something, being American, or Irish, or German isn’t something you did (Yes, I’m paraphrasing an idea brought up by a comedian, George Carlin, but that man had some pretty smart ideas, as well as funny jokes)….so maybe, just be proud of yourself and your home. idk maybe im just talking nonsense but, i thought it was worth posting.